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Montreal, Quebec


Carlos Miranda is an interior designer and decorator based out of Montreal. The firm that bears his name specializes in residential projects of all sizes; if you are thinking about decorating or doing an interior design project in Montreal or the surrounding area, don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Montreal Based Interior Designer, Decorator and Residential Renovations

Carlos Miranda is the principal of the Montreal interior design firm that bears his name. He has a degree in architecture and over 15 years experience working in residential renovations and interior design and decorating.

Carlos Miranda Designer

“Clean lines, refined detailing, and comfortable elegance... Good design is good design no matter where you are.  The world we live in today has us travelling and moving more often than at any other time in history.  Our lives are marked by vacations and holidays, visits from relatives and friends from far-away places.  This mobility informs the way we live.  A great piece of art or a fantastic piece of furniture will fit right in no matter where it is.  The trick is to contextualize and inform the spaces by creating a cohesive and well unified design.”

A passion for design and acute attention to detail exemplify the qualities most admired about Carlos Miranda, principal of the company that bears his name.  Whether preparing a major new restaurant for opening night, or simply giving an old kitchen a new facelift, Carlos is always at his best helping his clients create the personal spaces they have always desired.  It doesn't matter if it is a large hotel or a small apartment, the attention to detail is the same; the way the clients perceive the design has to be the same.  There is no large or small project, simply a space re-imagined.

Born in Costa Rica and a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, Carlos holds a degree in Architecture as well as in Fine Arts.  He has also studied in Paris, Los Angeles and Rome, and spent several years honing his skills in Florida under two of the most sought after architecture and interior design firms. With presence in various cities but based in Montréal, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city where the influences of both the Old World and the New World meet.